ImageWelcome to another installment of Editorial Emergency's e-zine. With fall upon us, we feel the phantom pain of an impending new semester, with its school supplies, ill-fitting clothes, glowering martinets and playground cliques. We've been out of school for decades, and yet the feeling — laced with anxiety and dizzy expectation — never quite goes away.

This issue touches on our eternal return to the classroom, but it's also packed with our inimitable assortment of raves, faves, rants and screeds. We'll be talking about — among other things — birthday surprises, the you're/your conundrum, thesaurus-lust, the new hardcore dance craze and what it means to face an "essay portion" on a standardized test.

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Before we head off to home room, here's a teaser from Not Our Clients.


Once again, The New York Times gets all knotted up.

The American Red Cross