ImageWhat's the difference between "Calif." and "CA?"

"Calif." is an abbreviation for "California." "CA" is the postal code for California.

"Calif." is used in prose: "Editorial Emergency is based in Glassell Park, Calif., one of Los Angeles' best-kept secrets."

"CA" is used in citing addresses: 2062 Panamint Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90065.

Or, as the "AP Stylebook" puts it: "Use the two-letter Postal Service abbreviations only with full addresses, including ZIP code."

FYI: Some states are never abbreviated: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah. The postal codes for these are: AK, HI, ID, IA, ME, OH, TX and UT.

And since we're pals, here's everything you ever wanted to know about state abbreviations and postal codes but were afraid to ask:

Alabama, Ala., AL
Arizona, Ariz., AZ
Arkansas, Ark., AR
California, Calif., CA
Colorado, Colo., CO
Connecticut, Conn., CT
Delaware, Del., DE
Florida, Fla., FL
Georgia, Ga., GA
Illinois, Ill., IL
Indiana, Ind., IN
Kansas, Kan., KS
Kentucky, Ky., KY
Louisiana, La., LA
Maryland, Md., MD
Massachusetts, Mass., MA
Michigan, Mich., MI
Minnesota, Minn., MN
Mississippi, Miss., MS
Missouri, Mo., MO
Montana, Mont., MT
Nebraska, Neb., NE
Nevada, Nev., NV
New Hampshire, N.H., NH
New Jersey, N.J., NJ
New Mexico, N.M., NM
New York, N.Y., NY
North Carolina, N.C., NC
North Dakota, N.D., ND
Oklahoma, Okla., OK
Oregon, Ore., OR
Pennsylvania, Pa., PA
Rhode Island, R.I., RI
South Carolina, S.C., SC
South Dakota, S.D., SD
Tennessee, Tenn., TN
Vermont, Vt., VT
Virginia, Va., VA
Washington, Wash., WA
West Virginia, W.Va., WV
Wisconsin, Wis., WI
Wyoming, Wyo., WY

ImageOf course, all this talk of the states puts us in mind of our brilliant buddy and web designer Wendy "Weeber" Bryan, whose "Happy States of America" (see detail, left) make us very happy indeed.

And now, it must be said: "What did Delaware?" "Idaho. Alaska." Think that's bad? Check this out.