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#56 (February 2012): Pssst — Need a Newsletter?

Six more weeks of winter? No need for discontent. Just warm yourself by our latest issue, featuring a bracing shot of content marketing, a heaping platter of Stew and a Not Our Clients that'll rip out your sutras. Oh, and now that this Facebook thing seems to be a thing, do visit us there.

Finding Contentment in Content Marketing

ImageEver heard of "content marketing?" You're soaking in it.

Editorializing is "content" we here at Editorial Emergency use to "market" our copywriting business. Our goal is to impart something relevant, useful, interesting and amusing to our readers, but it's also to drum up business for our company.

Try as we might to wow our audience with penetrating insight, however, the most popular feature of our newsletter is — you guessed it — Not Our Clients. Still, a regular reader (the same one who turned me on to eggcorns), signed up for Editorializing to bask in the inglory that is NOC and then, sometime later, referred us to a colleague, who hired us to edit the company's monthly e-newsletter. (Success!)

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Round and Shiny: Art Lovers

ImageBefore Stew — like Cher, Madonna and Charo, he goes by one name — was a Tony Award-winning playwright and darling of pop critics at the New Yorker, he was the frontman for an L.A. band called the Negro Problem. The NAACP once planned to picket an appearance by the group, until it learned Stew was African-American.


I first saw TNP at a grungy San Fernando Valley club in 1994. Their sound, insofar as it could be described, was a kaleidoscopic mélange of Frank Zappa's absurdist prog-jazz-rock, the Zombies' densely mysterious pop, art-punk bands like Magazine and the candied soul of the Fifth Dimension; the outfit featured a keyboardist who did double duty on accordion.

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Not Our Clients: You're So Vain Edition

To achieve proper brand alignment, try THIS mantra: Proofread.

Your "writing in English" chakra seems to be blocked.

Have you spotted some less-than-mindful marketing? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it If we add it to our shrine of the cosmically confused, aka Not Our Clients, we'll send you an Amazon.com gift card, redeemable for such spirit-spurring merch as yoga mats, meditation CDs and the Kindle edition of Enlightenment for Dummies.


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