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#31 (Aug. 28, 2009): Pour Some Sugar on Me

With the end of summer upon us, we celebrate some sweet indulgences. So prepare your system for an intoxicating take on terroir (from our guest sommelier); a tour of cupcakes that have made us swoon; and the seductive soundtrack to a noir film not yet made. Try to keep it all down as you regard the latest unpalatable vintage of Not Our Clients.

Wine Words: The Terroirists Win

ImageBefore making a wine habit an occupation, guest contributor John Nugent managed online marketing productions for pharmaceutical clients and for JibJab Media in Brooklyn, working with going concerns like Nickelodeon and Kraft. Before that, he met his wife/co-owner of Colorado Wine Company, Jennifer Morgan, at a sinking ship of a dotcom in L.A., where the two shot Nerf guns and rode motor scooters through the cubicles right into each other's arms.

Read the rest here.

The Cupcakes and the Copywriter

ImageWhat follows is a writing experiment, designed to see how the ardor of my copy might persuade someone (you, for example) to make a purchase.

I chose my three favorite cupcakes and decided to write a rhapsody about each. Multiple-choice quiz to follow.

Joan's on Third

At a time when the cupcake craze has prompted all manner of ante-upping, rococo touches (bacon garnish, persimmon-conserve filling, liveried footmen with silver platters, etc.), Joan's vanilla is a testament to the power of less.

Read the rest here.

Round and Shiny: Good and Dark

Image Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Linda Good's new album, "Love Is a Curious Thing," caresses a panoply of musical modes: sparkly pop, surfy rock, wistful balladry, nervy electronica, minimalist new-wave, Latin jazz and plenty more. But its primary palette is a glossy shade of noir.

Virtually every song conjures the foreboding and mystery one might encounter in a classic pulp novel or beguiling black-and-white detective flick. This enticing, dangerous atmosphere — with its distinct undercurrent of melancholy — suits Good's sweetly aching voice (and cinematic compositional instincts) perfectly.

Read the rest here.

Not Our Clients: Copywriting While Sloshed Edition

How fortuitous to find this besotted bit of catalog copy, which correctly uses terroir, like this month's guest columnist and wine authority, but stumbles shortly thereafter (no doubt reaching for "imbued"):

Looks like someone imbibed before writing this.

If you're up for another round or three of Chateau NOC, stumble on down to the Not Our Clients cellar.

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