ImageRemember that time I wrote about gum? Specifically, the copy on the inside of the new Extra Classic Bubble slim pack. I'll admit I was a little concerned that someone from Wrigley, purveyor of my chosen chew, would catch wind of and object to the line, "I've stuck with it through my husband's concerns that some of the additives therein are none too healthy (I admit to periods of chain-chewing)." I need not have worried.

Some weeks later, my heart leapt up to find a giant box of Extra Classic Bubble (see photographic documentation above) in the mail with a handwritten note from Your Friends at the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company. It read: "We loved your Editorial Emergency newsletter and were so happy to hear that you love the new Extra slim pack as much as we do!! Enjoy some of your favorite — Classic Bubble — and let us know if you run low and would like some more."

Turns out my "friends at the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company" is actually a smart-cookie account exec at Wrigley's PR agency, Dig Communications of Chicago. I mention Dig not only because they've acknowledged my work and relieved me, however briefly, of having to make special trips to the drug store but because if you go to their website and click the "Capabilities" tab, then select "Writing" from the left-hand menu, you'll find a heartening (to me, anyway) spiel that begins: "At Dig, writing is the gasoline that powers our engine. It is more than a core competency; it is an area in which we continually outshine our competition." If you scroll down the page, you'll discover that Dig Communications employs not only "a stable of seasoned writers" but a (presumably) full-time Writing Director.

A lot of the PR firms we've encountered treat writing as an afterthought.
A lot of the PR agencies we've encountered treat writing as an afterthought. In fact, one of our clients has me rewrite every press release his (huge, highly respected) PR agency submits. His publicist gets him coverage to die for, but she can't write her way out of a paper bag. So bravo to Dig for finding salaries for a dedicated writing staff. Also for quoting Motörhead on their home page.

When I shared news of my gum windfall with my colleagues, one said, "Next time write about beachfront property." He has a point. Upon submitting her guest column "I Give a F*&# About the Oxford Comma" (elsewhere in this ish), Editorial Emergency associate Megan Zinn ventured, "Maybe I'll get a big box of Oxford commas in the mail." Which, of course, she'd donate to the punctuation-deprived.