ImageIn our October issue, we asked, "How often do you want it?" The "it" being communications from the websites you subscribe to. Turns out you want it weekly, which seems perfectly reasonable (particularly if you and the website enjoy a mature relationship).

Indeed, fully 46% of you would like to hear from the Web entities you've opted to receive regular information from on a weekly basis (in other news, 100% of our mothers would like to hear from us weekly). "Monthly" came in a distant second, with 29% of the vote. "Bi-weekly" garnered 19%. "2-3 times per week" earned a scant 6%. Like "daily," the quarterly option posted a big ol' goose egg.

So it would seem you agree that daily is too often but quarterly isn't often enough. And a decisive majority feel weekly is the sweet spot.

If only Editorializing were a weekly (we know — you've said this to yourself many, many times). I'll confide that as we were planning this issue, we reflected that it was our 11th of 2008. We've been patting ourselves on the back for managing that (as our longtime subscribers know, prior to January '08, our publishing schedule was, shall we say, erratic). It's highly unlikely that we could provide a newsletter of such consistently sterling quality every week and keep our customers satisfied.

Of course, some of those customers are in the business of regularly communicating with their customers and we relish the opportunity to share this "How Often Do You Want It?" market research with them. We thank you for your votes and look forward to soliciting your invaluable opinions in future installments of Editorializing.