ImageNewsweek recently reported that "[Nancy] Pelosi, who ... has five kids, always tries to ground her politics in the personal, reminding her audience of her domestic roots. At one point, chattering from the crowd [at a senior center in Portland, Ore.] grows a little too loud. She leans in to the microphone. 'Am I going to have to use my "Mother of Five Voice" to be heard?' The line works. The audience laughs. She knew they would, because they did the last time she used it. And the time before that. If Pelosi has stolen anything from the Republicans, it is a total devotion to the discipline of message control ... [She] is unfailingly consistent." (Oct. 23, 2006).

The fact is, anyone with a product or service to sell would also be wise to steal the discipline of message control from the Republicans, and for that matter, unfailing consistency from the incoming Speaker of the House, along with the technique of grounding one's politics — or in this case, one's marketing — in the personal. This is what we in the trenches of the marketplace call branding.

You, fortunately, do not have to study the Republican playbook or Nancy Pelosi's "collection of one-liners, slogans and personal homilies"; all you have to do is pick up the phone and call Editorial Emergency, your friendly neighborhood branding specialists. Not sure what your message is? Unclear on how to "control" it? Leave that to us.

We will determine what makes you and your offerings singular and compelling, and distill that into language
Not sure what your message is? Unclear on how to "control" it? Leave that to us.
you will use over and over — in your advertising copy, your Web content, your company one-sheet, your newsletter, your pitches, your press kit, your speeches, your blog, your packaging. We will mine the personal in your life and the passion in your vocation to make sure your target audience, consumers, users, listeners, viewers and supporters identify with you, feel an emotional connection to what you do and are thus drawn inexorably to your goods and services. We will tell your story and send your message.

"Bill Clinton had three equal directors of his 1992 presidential election team," reports branding brain John Simmons in his delightful book "We, Me, Them & It: How to Write Powerfully for Business, "one responsible for strategy, one for communications and one ... for language. I like to think that the result of the election was partly a victory for language."

You don't have to be a politician to ride language to victory; you just need a branding consultant on your campaign team. Let Editorial Emergency help you win the race.